Seeking: Patience

The attorney's office e-mailed me briefly yesterday to see if I had any preferences regarding ethnicity (which I don't) and I replied back letting her know that. She mentioned an American & European couple, and African American couple and an Indian couple. I don't know which, if any, of them they are considering could be a good match for me, but I am sure they will send the IPs my profile first and then get back to me. It was encouraging to hear from them!

I am trying my best to just stay busy and focused elsewhere while I watch the days tick sloowly by! Vicki and I chatted yesterday for awhile, just to check in and were planning to get pizza tonight with the boys, but as of this AM Johnny was pretty sick and she was taking him to the doctor's, so we'll probably have to rain check that idea!! It's ok though, Kent and I will order in pizza tonight and watch a movie on the couch or something fun... the other night we had dessert first (banana splits) and then dinner, which he thought was AWESOME!! (And total side note, but I actually had a good hour of quiet time that I was able to use to clean the house back up - it wasn't that bad since we just had company on Mother's Day, but I was able to tidy and vacuum and do pots and pans, and I was ecstatic to have it all "prettied" again! I can always get so much more stuff like that done when Kenneth isn't home... when he's here we just want to be together and we tend to ignore the little stuff around the house!)

One more week until the big SMO GTG! Everyone is coming here to Atlanta, I'm not sure how many will end up there, but I'm guessing in the 15-20 range. It will be great to hang out and see a couple of my dear friends I haven't had the chance to visit with in ages!! Kenneth will be home at night over the weekend, but this has been planned for so long - I can't pass up the chance to stay overnight at the hotel with everyone, the "slumber party" aspect is the most fun!


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