Yep... it's Monday again! Oh the JOY! Kent and I spent most of the weekend at my inlaws house, helping them pack. They're moving this coming weekend I believe and we got a lot done (we spent most of the time packing the kitchen and some in the living room). My sister in law was there as well, and she's been sick and I'm beginning to wonder if I brought home whatever she had. I've not been feeling so great since yesterday, and am very nauseated today, my mouth keeps watering and its really annoying! I slept horribly last night too, kept tossing and turning and had the weirdest dream.

I baked Saturday afternoon and made 3 loaves of banana bread, it is SO yummy! That Better Homes & Garden recipe I've been using for years now is the BEST! It always comes out so great, and with all the bananas we use, there are always a couple each time that end up in the freezer because they've gotten too ripe - its such a great way to use those! (I sent one loaf with Kenneth to his work, and he said it went over well and was gone quickly.)

Kent helped me for awhile last night on my giant cook book project, cutting recipes from magazines and grouping them. I love spending time on that! I told Kent we should make it a goal to pick at least one new recipe each week to cook while Kenneth is gone - to give us something to schedule and do together.

Kent's Field Day is tomorrow, I can't wait to spend the day with him and his friends! I always enjoy the Field Days, I am bummed Kenneth won't be there this year though. Friday I have an AM OB appointment and then the SMO GTG starts that afternoon/evening. We have Monday the 25th off for Memorial Day, and depending on how much Ken & Donna still need help with, I may be helping with moving on that day. Kenneth has the 23rd and 24th off and then goes back to work on the 25th. He also told me that his training schedule has changed some, and he'll be gone 2 solid weeks, from May 31st through June 14th - originally he was supposed to come home most of those nights (and as we've decided is mandatory because of how often it happens he's missing our anniversary and my birthday)... so now it is all starting to sink in and I'm starting to get a little sad... I am going to really miss him. I feel very unprepared for it all, with no set schedule in front of me to look at. They're supposed to be going out of state sometime mid-June (probably right after he gets back on the 14th), but I don't know where and I don't have dates...

We have family day at the Unit coming up on the 30th so I'm supposed to get more info then, I hope!


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