Great Weekend!

What a busy and fun weekend its been! Saturday was absolutely hectic, but worth it. Kent and I went to the SMO GTG hotel in the morning (around 10:30 if I remember right) and just after 11:00 we all headed over to the restaurant. We had a preset menu with about 6 choices and got lots of chips with salsa and queso while we waited, there was a group of 13 of us there for lunch that day and there was lots of laughs shared. It was really cool to see a few faces I haven't seen in almost 2 years, since the Get Together in Chicago just after I delivered Fiona! I met a few new people as well. I only got to stay for lunch (which was really good, and the cake they brought us for dessert was incredible, and the pieces were HUGE)! I had to head out at 2:00 for a birthday party, the son of one of the Marines Kenneth works with was having a party in Gainesville, so I rushed home and off we went. Between me cutting it close and the rain that decided to pick up we were about an hour late, but it was an all night event so we were there from about 5:00 until 10:00 and then had an hour and a half drive home. I was so tired by the time we got home. The party was really cool, it was a Marine theme and they had an obstacle course (which included a zip line) and a trampoline for the kids, they even had a tent up from the Unit! They grilled hot dogs and we just hung out that afternoon. After presents most of the guests headed out and as it got darker they started a bonfire which felt nice to sit around.

Sunday we watched our 2 Netflix movies (Taken and RocknRolla), and in the morning we ran a few errands of things Kenneth needed to do before heading out. It was nice to just have a quiet day together and to try to enjoy each others company as much as we could. I sent Kenneth off this morning and won't see him again until Friday evening. Saturday is the Family Day at the Unit and he flies out on Sunday for 2 weeks. I think this whole summer is going to really go fast!!

My surrogacy update is that I was able to talk to the couple Ruth sent me the profile for and we've exchanged a couple e-mails and phone calls as of Friday and plan to meet for lunch on Thursday! I am looking forward to it, and hopeful it might be a good match... :)

Today I am going to head back over to the hotel one more time and spend the morning and early afternoon with one of my very best SMO friends who isn't flying out until later today, I'm so glad to squeeze in a little more time with her! :)


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