Miss my hubby...

Yesterday was really good - it was all day at Kenneth's unit for some classes on the upcoming deployment and then just hanging out with the other families and the Marines. It was really nice, and I enjoyed it a lot!! Kent had a great time too, they had inflatables for him to jump on and lots of things going on for the kids. I really enjoyed having that afternoon with Kenneth, and was just so proud of him... being there and seeing him in his element... it was just a great time and I am glad we had that together.

I picked up my Dinner A'Fare order around 3:30 and Kenneth went and had his Lenscrafter follow up, and then I went home and did my Kenpo X and then spent the afternoon with my boys! Kenneth didn't have to spend too much time packing which was good, since the laundry was done all he had to do was put it in a bag and he was set.

We got up at 4:35 this morning and left at about 5:15. We stopped to get Kenneth some breakfast when we were closer to the airport and then dropped him off a little after 6:00... he should be gone about 2 weeks and I miss him already... time has been going so quickly lately, with this back and forth and unpredictable schedule! We found out we get the weekend of the 20th off together, so I am looking forward to that!

And Kenneth made me all teary yesterday evening when he pulled out 2 envelopes, one saying Happy Anniversary and one Happy Birthday... he's missing both during the next 2 weeks and he left me something to open on those days!! I was really touched... he is really sweet, even if he doesn't want me to reveal that deep dark secret of his! :D


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