Cinco de Mayo!!

Well, a day late! Even though we didn't really do anything special, Kenneth called on my way home to make SURE we were having Mexican last night!! Luckily I'd been in the mood for tacos when I was at the grocery store last, so we had most everything we needed. I made chicken tacos with all the fixings, though I didn't have lettuce yesterday since I used it all up in a salad I made the day before... other than that we had everything and they were yummy!! Any excuse for some good Mexican food works for me! :) I was sort of surprised Kenneth didn't stop and pick up some Coronas or something, instead he had a Guiness... that would not have been my first choice to drink with a taco...!! Tacos is kind of like fixing sandwiches, its great to eat and then you go to clean up and realize just how many different items you USED and it takes forever to put it all away!

Yesterday was my mid-year review and my boss and I went to P.F. Changs for lunch and had a nice talk, it was good to get out of the office for awhile and to have that chance to catch up and check in. I am glad B.C. provides the opportunity to meet formally twice a year. I really like the company I work for!

I really want to start doing my P90X workout program again, especially if I'm going to Washington in a month or so its my goal to loose a few pounds before then and tone a little, so I'm hoping he'll help kick my butt until I get back into the routine... I picked up a bunch of Special K cereal bars to keep at work too - my favorite "diet" snack!


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