A Change Of Plans...

Vicki and I chatted more this morning and I think I might be looking for GS IPs afterall... I thought I would just wait and work with John & Vicki whenever they were ready, but since it really seems like we're looking at a long time frame until it will be time to cycle I woke up today with GS on my heart again and the desire to reach out to the agency coordinator I worked with back in '06-'07. With John & Vicki's blessing, that is what I am doing... I sent Fran at A Woman's Gift an e-mail and updated application this morning and she's going to look through it all and we'll get together to chat via telephone sometime this week... I am cautiously excited... it feels very odd to just up and change direction like this but I am looking forward to what the future holds and am excited to see what might happen next.

I told Vicki I wouldn't look into GS unless they were sure they were ok with an 18+ month timeframe, and she assured me they are and said she was relieved that I wasn't just waiting for them... I think of them as my "forever IPs" and really do look forward to the day that I might get to help them expand their family!

I am looking forward to working with Fran again, I had a very positive experience with her last time and am nervously excited to hear what she thinks and if she has any potential matches for me to speak with... I thought about not posting anything and just keeping things to myself until I know for sure what's happening - but that's not really my style!


  1. So glad it's 'not your style'. Good luck to you, whatever you decide.

  2. I'm excited for you :) I hope you find IP's as awesome as John & Vicki. Good luck!!

  3. That is TOO bad that your IP's needed more time. Yet it is AMAZING of them to let you pursue other options!!

    Hope you find IP's just NEARLY as great as J&V!!!


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