TOTAL Flashback today!! I was searching SMO for a list of Q&As that would be helpful to those new to surrgacy and stumbled across a post I started in April 2006 (linked above) that continued through June 2006 and basically chronicled the beginnings of my match with my GS IPs (T&I) through A Woman's Gift and the whole testing/meeting/contract process... it was fascinating to me to read through!! Makes me feel "old and wise" now! :D

It was also fascinating to me because it was almost exactly 3 years ago that I was in that place, and here I am again in a similar place... and I was reminded that we had to expedite contracts because Kenneth was leaving, and if I am lucky enough to match in the next few weeks we will probably be in a similar situation needing to expedite contracts to make sure Kenneth is here to sign off on them since he could be deploying in less than 5 months, and will definitely be in training between now and then so he could be hard to reach. I'll talk to Fran about all of that today when we chat which I am looking forward to!

I am so happy its Friday!! For lunch the admin and managers are going to Ray's on the River for belated admin appreciation and I'm looking forward to that... I may just try to head home a little early if I can wrap things up with my work, we'll see how the afternoon shapes up! I hope we have some nice sunshine again today! Yesterday was actually pretty nice in the afternoon.


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