Good meeting yesterday!

I talked to Fran about meeting with an Atlanta attorney who is working with a couple local IPs looking for a GS and she suggested holding my profile back until I have a chance to see if anything locally works out, if not then she will show my profile to PIPs. I agreed that made the most sense; I don't want to be talking to multiple couples at one time and have someone get hurt and I would love the chance to match locally so the IPs can be more involved if they'd like. I know she would find me a good match, regardless of distance, and will be happy to contact her and work with her if the attorney doesn't find a good connection for me in the next month or so.

I met with Ruth and Amy from the law firm for lunch yesterday and we had a good discussion, although I realize I probably talked way too much and didn't ask as many questions as I could have - but Ruth answered most of the big ones. They are looking through their IP profiles and will be in touch within a few days if there are any potential matches that they think I should review. I assume they will most likely send my profile out to the IPs as well to confirm they want to speak to me too. I am looking forward to hearing back and getting the chance to see who they think might be a good fit.

Kenneth was home for dinner last night (mushroom swiss turkey burgers from the dinner a'fare that were AWESOME) and it will be his last night home for a couple days, he's in the field I believe through Saturday so Kent and I get a couple "mommy and me" days which I'm looking forward to! :)

We were talking about the possible upcoming deployment and he said he and some of the guys were talking about their wives and girlfriend's reactions, and apparently I am out of the norm a little bit. He said most are getting hassled about leaving, and one said his girlfriend has been crying for a week and I am totally cool and supportive about it... so then I wondered if something is wrong with me??! We've just been through so many separations throughout Kenneth's Marine Corps career it really doesn't phase me anymore. I miss him when he's gone, but he always comes home, and I know he's out there doing what he TRULY loves!!


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