We "sneak peeked" yesterday

Vicki and I were IMing yesterday and just wondering WHAT is really going on with my ovaries and my cycle this month, so I called the doctor who'll be doing the IUI and they said they could see us that afternoon. We met up yesterday afternoon at the doctor's office for a sneak peek at what on God's green earth is going on with my ovaries and Vicki surprised me with the most gorgeous Pandora's Bracelet and 4 amazing charms... the bracelet is BEAUTIFUL, but the sentiment and little print out she gave me with it pushed it so far over the top...

There are seriously NO WORDS to adequately say thank you to my IM! She is such an amazing woman with an incredibly HUGE heart, and has blessed me so much in the time that we've known each other...

Here's what she wrote:

One heart charm for
The love we have for you

The present charm for
The gift you are going to carry for us

The blue and green charm for
Our two families becoming one

The big heart charm for
The love that we will all give this child

I teared up in the office, but think I was still in shock too - it is such a heartfelt and generous gift, and so incredibly touching... I really started bawling on the way home!! I just feel so lucky and so thankful that Vicki found me, that she's allowing me to help her build her family... she's simply the best!

After our appointment, I'm still feeling a little confused about what exactly Dr. H said and what was important and what wasn't! Vicki heard him say one thing and I heard something else and I don't know if he contradicted himself or if he changed his mind!! In any event, overall things look ok and after my next period (which should be within 2 weeks at the most) we'll call on CD1-3 and get instructions on when to come in for u/s monitoring. We refused a medicated cycle but he of course still wants to do the Ovidrel prior to IUI. I understand it makes sense in helping time the IUI, but I worry about having my cycle put out of whack with unneccessary meds, so not sure about that one still! He mentioned my uterus looked "congested" which I've never heard before, and don't know what that means, and it sounded like he was saying my lining was thick and looked ready to shed - but then he said he'd talk to me in about two weeks... so I dunno!!

My OPKs still have that sort of dark line on them, so no clear indication of a surge, and my temp jumped high this AM, but I won't know for sure for another couple days if it's an indication of anything/ovulation (if it stays elevated). I am looking forward to next month and hoping for a NORMAL cycle and no more confusion on what's going on... maybe I should have waited a little longer for my cycle to regulate before searching for IPs, but then I wouldn't have found Vicki!! I'm trusting it's all going to be great next month... praying for it!!


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