Cold cold, go away!

My OPK was negative last night (which I knew it would be since I still don't have the "fertile" CM which I always get within a couple days of ovulation). But still, it was fun to try out the digital OPK, and even though the little circle was empty (no smiley face) it was exciting - that was the first of many tests I will use in our cycling attempts. I am praying for success our first month, and hoping that our charting and planning ahead of time will help facilitate everything going smoothly in April. Vicki seems to be just about as excited as me to be charting and using the OPKs this cycle - she asked me a couple times yesterday if I'd tested yet! I don't want to waste them, but I'm only doing one a day for now and shouldn't need more than 1 box per cycle. If I get my LH surge by Friday then I'll only have used 4 tests, and will still have 3 for next cycle... argh! The waiting to see what happens this month is killing me!! :D I know I need to relax, stressing about whether or not my body is back in synch is certainly not going to help anything. I meant to bring my OPK to work so I could take it around 3:00pm, but since I forgot it (again) looks like I'll be sticking with evening testing.

I have been coming down with something for a couple days, I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat and ears, took Nyquil last night and woke up with an even worse sore throat today... my whole throat and nose feels coated with sinus crap, and my eyes are red and my head is stuffy and I'm tired. I wish I could sleep for a day under the covers, but I took Friday off last week so I'll take my Dayquil and try to make it through the rest of the week. Kent was coughing a little this morning too, so I wonder if he's got it too... It got SO cold today! With wind chill it was about 3 degrees this morning, high in the low 30's today. Brrr!! I can't wait for warmer months!


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