Oh the insanity!

Once again, we tortured ourselves this weekend by visiting the animal shelter... I wanted to bring a dog home SOOO STINKIN' BAD!! There was this little chihuahua there who was a mess... his ears had been cut off with scissors, and he had huge scars running the length of his little body - we were told he'd been used as a "bait dog" for fighting... and yet he had the BEST little personality!! Incredibly sweet, just wants to snuggle up with you, his tail went 100 miles a minute the whole time... he was a little timid and nervous around the other larger dogs, which was our biggest concern - I would hate to bring him home and then have him stressed out by our big dogs, but I have a feeling a little time would have him overcoming that, he seems to be one of those very resilient little ones... Oh he just broke my heart though! I'm still thinking about him this morning... too bad (or maybe its a good thing?) the shelter isn't open today!!


  1. My mouth hasn't fallin to the floor that hard in a loooong time!!! OMG, the poor little thing!! I want him!!!

  2. I KNOW!! And I know even if we don't take him home, someone will - but I KNOW I would give him a good home, a soft bed, and lots of love... I am SERIOUSLY thinking about going back there today!!


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