And now for something completely different!

I will talk about my normal, every day existence!! No obsessing about OPKs or temperatures today! :D

So part A of my post should be titled "Which of these things doesn't belong"? And if only I had a picture to go along with that question!! On Wednesday afternoon Sadie (our rottweiler) had her annual vet appointment for vaccines and heartworm/fecal tests. When I got home I discovered Kenneth had taken the Ford Focus to school that day because of the rain (normally he rides his motorcycle)... well crap, that means I now have to fit my nearly 100lb dog into the passenger seat of my CORVETTE!!! There was no other place for her to sit, and no other way to get her there... so in she went! It was HILARIOUS!! Her butt was on the seat, her front 2 paws on the mat on the floor, and her head on the dashboard!! I was cracking up! Hopefully we provided some amusement to the other drivers on the road that afternoon as well, and thankfully it wasn't a long trip. She did great at the vet and home we went!!

Part B is "The perfect Subway sandwich". I love Subway! I like sandwiches, but I love it when someone else makes them for me, and really like one particular sandwich at Subway. So this is MY perfect Subway sandwich (which I inevitably end up ordering anytime I eat there):
Honey Oat bread
American cheese

Yummy!! I just enjoyed one for lunch and am feeling full and sleepy! Is it nap time?

I'm so happy its Friday again (though when I look back this week really flew by!) and am looking forward to this weekend! Vicki invited me for a Saturday girls night/sleep over and I can't wait! One of Vicki's friends whom I haven't met yet will be coming as well - we're going to catch a chick flick and have a grown up slumber party, no boys allowed...! :) Kenneth grumbled at me, as usual when I tell/ask him about leaving him for any amount of time on the weekend, but I'm sure he and Kent will survive without me for a night.

Nothing new to report otherwise! Still temping and just waiting for AF to arrive so we can move on to our March cycle, and hoping it will be soon!


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