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I wish I knew what was going on with my body this month, but I truly have no clue. My temps have not jumped over 98.0 yet, which seems to be my "normal" post-ovulation temp which could mean several things. Yesterday Fertility Friend gave me this message:

If your chart does not show ovulation, there are several potential reasons. First, you may be still be waiting to ovulate or you may be experiencing a cycle with delayed ovulation. It may also be that you have to wait until your chart confirms ovulation by showing a clear biphasic pattern with the expected patterns for all fertility signs. Last but not least, it is not abnormal to have an occasional anovulatory cycle, even if you usually ovulate. In this case, anovulation may not be cause for too much concern if it happens only rarely. When it happens consistently, it is reason to talk to your healthcare provider so that together you can identify the cause and decide on a treatment if necessary. Sometimes ovulation may be delayed or occur late in a cycle. When this is the case, you may experience multiple patches indicating increased fertility within your cycle but the thermal shift and ovulation may occur later than expected in a cycle that is longer than usual. A cycle like this may show signs of increased fertility, (eggwhite cervical fluid, positive OPK, high, soft cervix, peak reading on fertility monitor, ferning on microscope devices) both just before the rise and earlier in the cycle when ovulation did not immediately follow.

So, I don't know if I'm anovulatory, having delayed ovulation or what the deal is. I'm annoyed but not too stressed about it (yet). I started taking the herbs again and will stay on them until I at least know what's going on, maybe they'll help balance things out. Part of me has been antsy and wanting to move forward with cycling in March instead of April, but then I see how screwy my cycle is still and guess it's smarter to give it some more time to figure things out... sigh...

We're going to sign contracts on Saturday! I'm so ecstatic to finally be at this point! Kenneth brought up something he INSISTED on having in the contract (protection in case of an STD because of the sperm being used for the IUIs) and I was so annoyed with him! I know he's trying to look out for me, and our family but I just thought that was a little ridiculous and have never heard of anything like that in a TS contract before... that's where you have to have a little faith and trust in the match you've picked! I'm still annoyed...! Thankfully Vicki was accomodating, she always is, I just feel like the bad guy everytime something new comes up. I think that's a big part of me being excited for contract signing, we can all stop trying to think through all the maybe/possible/what ifs that COULD happen in a worst case scenario and just focus on our match and our upcoming journey!!


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