CD18 - "O" today?

Well it looks like I have a long LH surge (again, this happened last time I used OPKs too). My temp dove to 97.3 (from 98.0 the previous two days) and should jump over 98 tomorrow to confirm today is ovulation day! So about 3-4 days off schedule total, which really isn't soo much, even though it's felt like an eternity these last couple of days!! I will be relieve tomorrow to see a good high temp to confirm my progesterone rising and a successful ovulatory cycle.

I'm feeling pretty good today, off sudafed and only a little congestion in my head, mainly just tired still so I'm sure I'll go home and relax all evening. We did laundry yesterday of all the blankets, sheets, pillow cases etc. to kill all the germs, I'm going to have to do them again tonight or tomorrow if we want to get the cold germs out completely and keep them out!

We might go sign the contract this Saturday afterall (I told Vicki it will be such a romantic way to spend part of Valentine's Day, ha ha)!!! It looks like John has work on the 28th. I will be thrilled to have contracts finalized and signed, and be one more milestone closer to the big day!!


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