CD12 and counting!

Today is CD12 in my cycle, and I'm starting to anxiously (not too anxiously??!!) watch for the telltale signs that my body is going to cooperate and be back on track this month! I should ovulate around Thursday or Friday, and am hoping HARD that it happens, so we can calculate out the next couple months and have a good time frame estimate for our IUI in April. I should have started drinking the Dong Quai tea I have at the beginning of the cycle, it's supposed to help regulate hormones. I guess I'll start tonight, can't hurt!

It's been a busy couple days since I last updated! We did get the STD policy application in hand, and I submitted that electronically, but we didn't get a copy of the application so now I have to bug the rep for that, and I'm not sure exactly what happens next. I'm sure there will be a physical or something along those lines prior to approval of the policy.

AND we did get our first draft of the contract on Friday!! It was such a busy weekend for me that I didn't really get a chance to look at it until yesterday, but I went through it and added my edits and sent that to Vicki to look at to add her edits so we can agree on everything before we send it back to Lynn. I'm hoping to have that wrapped up within the next couple weeks, just depends on how quickly the attorney turns everything around once we get it back to her.

So, the Get Together this weekend was AWESOME!! I picked Kent up from school at 2:00 on Friday, and we drove down to the Residence Inn where everyone was meeting up. We got there around 4:30, and I let Kent swim in the pool for awhile. Carolee showed up I think around 6:00? I can't remember now, but it was my first time meeting her so we hung out in the pool area with the kids and chatted until Anna and her family showed up! Eventually we got everyone settled and went to dinner at Outback. It was yummy and just FUN to hang out with everyone! Shara Khon arrived at the tale end of dinner, and then we all headed back to the hotel and hung out in Carolee's room, chatting, being silly, and taking goofy pictures! It was awesome, a grown up slumber party.

Saturday we all caravaned to Publix to pick up a few last minute supplies then headed over to St. Paul's Episcopal Church where we were having the GTG. Andrea and Brant hosted the event for us, even though Andrea was horribly under the weather! I felt so bad!!

We had a good sized group show up and had a fantastic time hanging out, munching on goodies, watching the kids play, and enjoying each others company! I love the GTG's so much. There is just nothing like it...! I thought of Vicki and John throughout the day and was missing them and bummed that they weren't there, so I texted Vicki on the way home around 5:30 and then called to chat for a minute - she had just sent me an e-mail saying the same thing, it was funny! We hadn't PMed on Friday since I stayed home that day, and I told her it felt like it had been awhile since we talked, and I think it was because we missed just that one day of talking. I told her I'm getting spoiled already!! :)

Vicki and I talked yesterday about trying to get to the mountains this month for a weekend vacation so Kenneth and I are trying to figure out if we can swing that. I would LOVE to go!! Kent would have such a blast in the snow, and I think it would be fantastic to have a whole weekend at a cabin to hang out together. I think it would be a blast! It's been tight for us with Kenneth not working much the past couple months, and just starting back to school - so we're having to be careful with our "extras" for the time being. I still hope we can figure a way to swing it. :)

And last update is I called and talked to my mom last night! I had told her I was hoping to match again and pursue another journey, but hadn't told her about it being TS and haven't talked to her since I matched with John & Vicki. The conversation went really well. I was nervous about HOW I was going to tell her, but it just spilled out of my mouth and I felt really excited about telling her once I got into it. She is excited for us, and I think she would really love to meet Vicki and get updates on how everything goes, and in the future. She commented on TS being very different then GS, and I told her I've said numerous times that I often feel like I'm starting from scratch this time around!

Things are going great, and I think I'm really starting to feel "settled" in our relationship with each other. It's getting more and more natural to pick up the phone, or shoot an e-mail, or just check in. It's a great feeling!


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