CD17 - waiting to confirm!

I'm sleepy and ready to head to bed, I didn't get to nap much today and we ran a few errands this evening and though I feel MUCH better overall I'm still recovering and need more rest... Kent's been tired too, and headed to bed a little early this evening. He spent a lot of the afternoon with his friends at the end of the street, I love that he can run down there and play on the weekends, and they can come over here.

In any event, no real updates yet! Today should be my actual ovulation, and my temps should jump tomorrow to confirm. I realized I've been on sudafed for about 3-4 days straight now which has probably impacted my cervical mucous a lot, I haven't had as much as normal and was trying to figure out why...

Kenneth got his new laptop tonight that he's been thinking about, so he's having fun playing with his new toy!

I had created a calendar in word a little while back, and now that we got the positive OPK I was playing with it today adding tentative dates and information for our upcoming cycle. I'm excited for this next cycle, about 2 months from now we'll be having our first IUI!! WOO HOO!!

Vicki and I talked about contract signing on the 28th (since the next couple Saturday's are "booked" between Valentine's Day and then they have a charity event on the 21st). Kenneth has drill that following week, so Vicki and I might take the boys for a weekend get-away that first weekend in March.

Ok, off to bed! :)


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