CD25, a twist?

Well my body is trying to keep us guessing I think. About mid day yesterday I started feeling some ovulation type pains and wondered what the heck was up with that? I've been crampy on and off a lot this cycle and wondered if it was just more cramps, and I was wrong about the location. I was going to Target last night anyway, to look for some lucky green socks for our IUI, and pick up a box of regular OPKs. Vicki and I had talked about using the 2 line OPK tests so we could see some actual progress before doing the digi's to confirm (being surprised with a positive digi when the test lines were so light earlier in the month had both of us looking for more "info" leading up to the positive)! My temp had also taken a huge dive yesterday AM down to 97.0, so part of me was suspecting my hormones were trying to regulate and do a "reset" to try and ovulate again since I didn't actually ovulate earlier in the month (and I have a feeling the cold/stress from being sick/meds were the reason for that since the timing of my positive OPK directly coincides with when I came down sick and started antibiotics). In any event, I bought a box of the Target brand OPKs and took one last night at 7:00 pm:

As you can see, it's not positive yet, but it's a pretty dark line and probably indicates I will ovulate soon, and should get a real positive in the next day or so. I brought one more OPK test with me to work today that I'll take mid-day, and depending on how dark the line is I may do a digi tonight or tomorrow. My temp is 97.3 so still normal pre-ovulatory range. So, if all of this is correct, that means I'll have had another very long cycle and we've still got a month or more until we can do our IUI in March! Part of me is glad that my body rebounded and went ahead and is trying to ovulate afterall, and part of me is bummed because this pushes us back a couple weeks and possibly more if my next cycle goes long too.

I'm not going to complain too much though, ovulating is a good thing, and being able to track and confirm it will be reassuring! So, now I'm hoping for a big temp jump in the next two days (again)!!


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