Happy Valentine's Day!!

What a awesome couple days! Vicki and John were supposed to be going to Kooza (Cirque du Soleil) on the 13th, but it turned out John came down with an awful cold and stayed home sick all day Friday. While Vicki and I were IMing she invited me as her date to go in his stead!! I was SO EXCITED!! It ended up being a girls night, with me and Vicki and 2 of her friends. We drove down to Atlantic Station, and had a quick dinner at Moes (yummy!) and walked down to the giant blue and yellow circus tents. We got our tickets scanned and made our way to our seats - we were CLOSE! The set up of the show is awesome, very intimate, even if you're all the way in the back you're still not THAT far from the stage.

The performance was just incredible, and I couldn't believe how quickly the time FLEW by! The contortionists and the 2 men on the spinning wheels were my very favorite. I know Kenneth would be bored at something like that, so that may be a once in a lifetime for me! :) It was wonderful, and incredibly thoughtful and generous of Vicki to invite me and I appreciated it so much! And getting to hang out with her and 2 of her girlfriends in a "just for fun" environment was special and a new dimension to our relationship. Surrogacy came up a little bit, but not too much!

Then this morning I woke up to breakfast and bed (Kenneth makes fabulous omelettes) and roses and a box of chocolates! What a great way to start the day!

We were supposed to leave around 10:00 to be in Jonesboro at 11:00 for contract signing. Vicki called right around 10:00 to tell us that John was SO sick there was no way he was going to be able to go, he tried to get up and dressed and was just miserable so he had to go back to bed. Lynn, the attorney, said it was fine for him to sign later as long as at least 1 person from each party was there to sign and ask questions.

So, off we headed... the directions we had were HORRIBLE and we were almost an HOUR late, about 40 minutes of that was driving within a 10 mile zone around our destination, trying desparately to find it! Ugh!! I felt so awful!

We got in, and Lynn was very nice and Johnny was playing with his cars and animals and was too cute as usual. We set up around the conference room table and started passing around copies of the contract and signing each one. It was great to have that done, and really feel "official" and ready for the next step!! Yay!! Lynn took a couple pictures of us, and Vicki said one turned out ok so I'll add that later.

We (Vicki and I) have to meet up some time this coming week to exchange a couple things, and we're talking about their place or ours for dinner on Friday to get together and celebrate since we didn't get the chance today - hopefully John will be recouped by then! I still feel like my cold is hanging on a little, with some continued congestion which just doesn't want to go away!

In any event, one more step closer and I'm SOOO EXCITED to have contracts done, and can't wait to see what the coming month brings!!

I still haven't gotten confirmation on what happened with my cycle this month. I'm going to do my best to stay off any meds other than the herbs I have (and of course prenatals) just in case that had any effect, and hope and pray for a regular March cycle! Hopefully my period will be here in about a week or so, and we can start charting anew! :)


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