CD14 OPK Update

Not too much to report today. I am feeling really under the weather. I tried to go to work today and lasted 4 hours before giving up, coming home and crawling into bed for 5 1/2 hours... I'm still exhausted... I hope sleeping most of the day will help give me an edge and get me a little closer to recovery...

OPK today still has the sad empty circle, but it does appear that my test line is getting darker (I know the digi's say you can't go by the darkness of the test line, but at least 2 other's have told me theirs did get darker closer to their LH surge).

Still crossing fingers for my surge to happen sometime this week.

Vicki said we have our updated contract, so I need to pull that up and look at it, and am getting back under the covers for the evening.


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