CD13 OPK and my "Junkie Drawer"

I tested this afternoon when I got home, and it was negative still (as expected, still no fertile CM) but Vicki mentioned pictures when we chatted today so I took some!! :D I love that my IM is as picture happy as me!! :D Yay!

Still a sad little empty circle... I can't wait to see that smiley face!!

And I had to take one with some encouragement and positive thinking from my mug!! :D

Something else I took a picture of this evening is my updated "Junkie Drawer"!! I have a drawer in the bathroom with all my "surrogacy supplies". For my GS it was mainly full of sharps supplies, and now it's got a few sharps left for my B12 injections, but is mainly stocked with HPTs and OPKs from Vicki along with the herbal supplies recommended by a good friend of mine!!

Here's my GS drawer:

And my TS drawer:
Kent and I get a little quiet time home this evening since Kenneth has a late evening at work. My throat is still sore so I'm going to fix some tea and warm up some dinner and chill out with a show or two from the DVR and hang out with my boy!!


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