CD 15 - Still not "smiley"

Ugh! I am starting to feel bad, really bad... my body is definitely not "back on track" this month. I'm on CD15 and still no egg white CM and no smiley face OPK. My temps have been up and down a little bit too, leading me to wonder if this is going to be an anovulatory cycle, or a really long cycle. Only time will tell but I am feeling down for the moment. There's not a whole lot I can do in the mean time, but I did start taking the herbal supplements we bought for cycling (black cohosh, vitex, dong quai and red clover blossom. I took one of each today, and will keep taking one a day until my cycle straightens out - they can't hurt and they might just help. I was going to wait until at least next month, but there are 100 caplets per bottle so I figured it wouldn't make too big of a dent in the bottles to start them now! I'm still drinking the Dong Quai tea too (blech)!!

Here's today's picture:
I keep thinking maybe the lines are getting darker, but they seem faded by the next day, they're all pretty light still.

I stayed home today too, and stayed in bed or laying on the couch all day, except for a trip to the doctor. She went ahead and put me on antibiotics for 10 days, I have fluid and a lot of pressure in my ears, and I'm taking the Sudafed 12 hour pills to help dry things up. I've had a bit of vertigo with the ear congestion.

In any event, I'm glad it's the weekend and I can rest and hopefully feel back on track by Monday!!


  1. The lines look like they are getting darker to me....

  2. the lines look darker to me. don't be down on youself! We love you and things will be perfect for April! Hugs!

  3. They definitely are getting darker, but I know next to nothing about tracking a cycle. I hope things work out for you soon!


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