It ends in BOOM!

Kenneth had a late night at school, so Vicki and I got together with the boys at Johnny's Pizza last night! It was great to hang out a little and let the kiddos play - they were having a blast at the end, everything was ending in "boom"!! I still cannot get over how lucky I am to have found such an amazing couple, so close to me!! I've seen Vicki more times in the months we've known each other then I did my FIPs in the years I've known them... still boggles my mind a little!! I am so impatient for my period to arrive so we can get on with cycling for next month - I'm SOO EXCITED! :D My Fertility Friend chart is showing possible ovulation 3 days ago, I don't believe it yet - we'll see what my temps do the next couple days. It would be nice if that were the case and we could have a more definitive timeline for when my period will arrive, or if my period would just go ahead and show up - that would be great too! :D

In any event, it is a beautiful day here and I'm working on wrapping up some projects so I can head out early to take a big box of notebooks to Kent's school that we're donating!


  1. Looking forward to catching up with where you're at and following along.


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