Ice Cream Cake

We had a cake that wasn't getting eaten very quickly, and some leftover "birthday cake" flavored ice cream in the freezer from a couple months prior. I was deciding if there was a way to combine them into something new, and this idea came to me! So I crumbled up all the leftover cake, softened the leftover ice cream, layered and voila! This was easy to slice up in bars, and wrap in saran wrap to store in the freezer for a fun ice cream cake treat.

You can easily mix and match your flavor options - just pick complementary ice cream and cake flavors and the options are completely endless!

Ice Cream Cake

~ 7 cups of prepared cake, crumbled up
~ 48-oz container of ice cream, slightly softened (spreadable consistency)
Chocolate sauce / caramel sauce to drizzle

  1. Line a loaf pan with saran wrap or parchment paper to make removal easier.
  2. Press half of your cake crumbs down into the bottom of the prepared pan until well pressed, and in an even layer.
  3. Drizzle with chocolate sauce (about 1-2 TBS)
  4. Top with half of the softened ice cream and spread.
  5. Repeat layers - you can omit the chocolate sauce on the top layer or use something like a caramel sauce instead if desired.
  6. Top with saran wrap pressed against the top ice cream layer, and freeze until solid.
  7. Once solid, you can slice with a sharp knife and serve (feel free to add whipped cream and maraschino cherries if desired), or slice and individually wrap in saran wrap and store in the freezer for convenient servings.


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