My Bedrest Blueprint

So here's what is on my "Bedrest Survival Guide" list!!

Kenneth ordered a fabulous La-Z-Boy couch for us that arrived about a week and a half ago and has a chaise at the end with a recliner and that's what I spend most of the day on with it reclined back, shifting from side to side as needed. A warm, comfy, fuzzy blanket is a must.

On my right is a side table and I keep all the remotes in a holder there and after about a week realized I needed a little container to hold all my little necessities! In my container, also on the table, there is a bottle of lotion, chapstick, nail polish, a notepad, pen, my wallet, my procardia, scissors and a couple snack items (granola bar, a tangerine and some starburst)! I also keep my big 34 ounce of water cup on the table and another snack item (some Planter's cashews)! To my left I keep two pillows with my laptop on top (which keeps it at the right level for viewing when I'm browsing) - though when I'm actually typing and not just browsing I just move my laptop to my lap! :D I keep a box of tissues behind the pillows. On the arm of the chaise on the right my phone stays at the ready and I have a charger that will reach when needed! I have address labels, stamps and stationary within arms reach too so I can write my far away hubby letters and have sent a couple to family members in Washington as well.

So those are all the little every day things I keep nearby! The next thing is a "project"! Over a couple different days I worked on putting photos in my albums and labeling them, I've typed up lists of things, worked on a budget and today I remembered my recipe project I started a long time ago and hadn't had a chance to finish! I've been going through my old food magazines and cutting out the recipes I want to keep then when I'm done getting all the recipes cut out I'll put them on sheets of paper and insert them into the 3-ring binders I have. That will be a good long term project to work on over the coming days.

Netflix is high on the survival list too! I've been watching a lot of TV shows - Psych, Vampire Diaries, Ugly Betty, Drop Dead Diva, Switched at Birth, Lie to Me, Heartland and I tried out a couple others that I didn't really get into! I'm also trying out Hulu Plus this week to see if it's worth the expense - though I've discovered about 40% of the shows we have in our queue are not eligible to be streamed directly through the PS3 and would still have to be viewed through PlayOn or on the computer.

I obviously blog at least a few times a week and read quite a few other blogs, I read recipes and catch up on others in the midst of their surrogacy journeys as well! I play Words with Friends, pay bills, write letters and check on Facebook every now and then too and of course check on SMO - that seems to be enough to keep me occupied throughout the day thankfully! I have been taking a 1-2 hour nap most days lately too, it's crazy but I've been tired!

I've tried listening to audio books and have a puzzle book I can work on too but my projects, internet and TV seems to be entertaining me enough for now. Kent leaves at about 7:45am gets home just after 4:00pm so the afternoons are busy keeping up with him and making sure he gets chores and homework done! :)

So that has been my bedrest "blueprint"!!


  1. You are doing such an awesome job! You haven't complained a bit about being on bedrest...that's super impressive. Although you've got your little setup (which by the way I can totally picture, based on your description), I'm sure you still get antsy from time to time. And I'll also bet your butt starts to hurt! :-D Keep up the good work! You're getting really close at this point! XO

  2. I love reading your bedrest updates! You are so cute! I can't imagine how tiring flipping from side to side would be after just a few days let alone weeks, so its good that you have your set up to keep you occupied! :) You are amazing and if you feel like having an actual pen pal, I love to send cards/postcards/letters! :)

    Big Hugs to you!

  3. You are amazing!

    Just checking in on you for a sec. Glad you are doing well :)

  4. Love the set up! I can totally picture how it looks. :)


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