29w6d - Bedrest Day #19

Tomorrow is the big "3-0" and I'm so excited to be at that milestone, and then will start counting down to week 32! It's already Monday, so just 3 days until we'll have our next peri appointment and get an updated game plan after we see how things look on the ultrasound. Hopefully my cervix is still holding stable and the girls are growing well! I sure FEEL like they're growing well - I feel them kicking and moving and stretching out my belly. Today I had a sore spot right near my belly button from somebody pushing against it - I am usually pretty comfortable as long as I'm reclining or laying down, but when I was up for my shower it was bothering me this morning.

I am craving homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! I've found recipes and am going to walk Kent through making them today - it will be a whole new cooking adventure for him! He's pretty good at following recipes and cookies shouldn't be too difficult - I can kind of see what's going on in the kitchen from my couch vantage point so I'll be able to keep an eye on him... warm cookies and milk just sound soooo goooood!

I have been wanting to get together a care package for Kenneth - he's been gone 3 weeks now and I usually send something at least once a month if not every other week or so but haven't been able to get anything together yet - but I did discover a bunch of the items on my "list" that I include in care packages I could order online! So I ordered:

Reeses Big Cups
Face Wash
Cough Drops
Icy Hot Patches
Sugar in the Raw packets
Carmex Click Sticks
Wet Ones Antibacterial Singles

Kenneth is pretty particular about the health products he uses, so I like to make sure we have his preferred brands to send to him. I had already picked up some good snacks to mix and match from at Sam's before - oatmeal cream pies, Clif bars, mixed snack sized bags of chips and mixed snack sized bags of cookies, teddy grahams, etc.

So now Kent and I just need to write up a note to include along with the few other things he requested we throw in the box and then figure out how to get it to the post office! :) I had originally thought about doing a mailing from home, but then realized this has to have the customs form on it and probably has to be received and stamped directly at the post office.

Anyhow - that's been my "project" this week - having Kent help me pull together all the items needed - I still had a bunch of the special military priority shipping boxes in the basement from the last deployment!

Bed rest is still going just fine - it really surprises me when I look at the day count and realize just how long it's actually been! Time is passing quickly and I am feeling fine. Have had a few painful contractions, but they're still usually in that 6-7 per day range at the most on non-appointment days when I'm home with my feet up all day. I'm thinking I might start keeping a log for my own curiosity and to see if my "estimate" is really accurate!

Our new La-Z-Boy couch was delivered on Saturday and I have really been enjoying it - still working on figuring out how to stay in a comfortable position for long periods of time mostly reclined. It has a chaise at the end with a recliner and that's what I've been laying on with the recliner back, rotating from side to side - it's been harder on my back in this position though for some reason so it gets sore after a little while. I think I need to get some pillows until I figure out where the right position is to stay comfy for longer periods of time.

Our foster puppy is gone now too!! I will miss her - but she got picked up yesterday by Irina for her spay today (and I just got the news that all the lab puppies had clean fecals which is FANTASTIC news after everything they went through!!) and Irina is just going to keep her along with the other 2 puppies from the same litter she's been fostering. The puppies are going up on Petfinder now and she thinks they'll be ready for transport within 2 weeks because they'll get snapped up in no time!! They're such cuties and good puppies!! :)


Farewell cutie pie and best of luck to you!!


  1. Thanks for the updates!

    As for the pups, I'm pretty sure they'll be in The Xterra in two weeks!

  2. I am so moved by your teenage son's ability to step up to the plate! What a lucky momma you are:o) Good luck and here's to several more weeks of being pregnant!


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