28w3d - Peri Ultrasound Update!

Today is bedrest day #9 and things are holding stable which is good news. I had Kent help me pack a hospital "go bag" and put it in the trunk of the car before heading out for our 2:30pm appointment for the "just in case" (plus now it's packed and I can just have it ready!). I've been anxious about what the updated game plan from the doctor would be and how things would look but I think everything went as well as can be hoped for.

The tech got some great ultrasound images of the girls' faces and printed a couple cute pictures for Jenn this time - they didn't take updated measurements since they'd just done them a week ago. The girls were good and active and she saw Baby A doing some practice breathing which was great! Their fluid levels look perfect and heartbeats are beautiful around 150bpm for both girls.

The cervical measurement went pretty well, the measurement came out to about 3.1 and the tech said she didn't see any active funneling, but you can see some deterioration towards the top where it's not nice and closed like the bottom portion. The peri said this measurement was good and that the one they'd gotten last week had probably been a little distorted because of the position of Baby A's head but he felt confident that this one was accurate and seemed comfortable with how everything looked. The game plan is to not change anything until another recheck in about 1 1/2 weeks. We're still early into the pregnancy so they are wanting to be cautious as we all are too! By the time we have our next check with them we should be into our 30th week which will be a little bit of a relief, but we still have many more weeks to go until we hit a level we'll all feel fairly comfortable with I think!!

It was nice for me to have some in person time with Jenn too, sometimes it's hard to get a sense of the emotions when we text which has been the majority of our communication the past week and it just was nice to be able to talk in person. I am still dealing with some guilt about not being one of those who breezes through a twin pregnancy with no issues or bedrest, but am just going to do my best to be a good patient and follow instructions and pray it's what is needed to keep these girls where they are. I am MORE than happy to do whatever it takes, I'll stand on my head if I need to!!

After sitting in the car, then the waiting room, then the car again for the appointment and the drive to and from I was having some round ligament pain and was ready to get back to my comfy couch and get my feet up and take it easy again.

So, here I am - reporting from my couch and happy things are calm for the moment and hopeful for many more "stable" updates to come... :)

Look at those cutie pies!! :)


  1. so glad everything went great!

  2. Been thinking about you - so relieved that the pregnancy is going well. Keeping you and the babes and family in thought and prayer.


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