28w6d - Happy Food Day! :)

Since being on bedrest my appetite hasn't been that huge and I've actually lost a couple pounds but today for whatever reason food has sounded good! I haven't felt necessarily hungry, but wanted to eat if that makes any sense at all.

I had 2 eggs and half a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and an orange for breakfast, a Quaker Dips granola bar for a snack and just had the best lunch - a sandwich full of turkey, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, a sliced pickle and provolone cheese with some BBQ potato chips and a pudding cup! Mmm... my tummy is full and happy and hopefully baby girls are getting their share of all the goodies. :) Now just working on another big 34 oz cup of water and watching another episode of "One Born Every Minute" - I love baby shows, they always make me cry like a baby but I LOVE watching them!! :) I love reminiscing about my own labor and deliveries and imagining getting to be one of the nurses on a L&D floor one day! I've already seen one episode that was a surrogate delivery and right now this is either the 2nd or 3rd twin delivery. It's actually sort of made me even less worried about a c-section if that's the route we end up taking to deliver these two. I will stay hopeful for a vaginal delivery but whatever happens, happens! Right now though we're just focusing on one day and one week at a time, getting these girls big and healthy and ready to face the world! :)

My back is a little sore today from how I've been lounging I think, time to change position and try to get comfy! I am excited to check "29 weeks" off tomorrow!!! :)


  1. I am with you on the baby shows. I just love watching a baby story, special delivery....all those shows always make me sappy and cry. I just saw a surrogate story the other night which was an interesting new show I have never seen before! It always makes me happy seeing the mom holding her baby for the first time!

    Your food day sounds yummy! What was for dinner?? LOL


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