Home Again, Home Again!

My goodness the past couple days have been CRAZY! They passed so quickly too - only 2 full days really from when I went to the hospital until I was sent home. It sort of seemed in some ways a lot longer than that because of all the worry and trying to figure out logistics but it did go quickly too. They took good care of me and the girls while we were there and I'm incredibly thankful and grateful that things were stable enough for me to be able to rest at home until the doctor's say otherwise.

I was discharged around 3pm yesterday afternoon and told since I wasn't contracting and my cervical length was good I could drive home and I have permission to drive to and from my peri appointment next week but I am on modified bedrest at home now. I am allowed to get up for bathroom breaks, a quick shower (but I can sit in the shower too which is nice) and to fix something quick to eat. As long as Kent is home during the day he's able to help out with pretty much anything I need so I have been able to stay off my feet almost completely since I got home. I am staying on the procardia every 8 hours and using my home BP cuff to make sure my bottom number isn't too low before taking each dose.

This morning Kent fixed some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and some scrambled eggs for me and did a great job! I told him he'll be running the whole house hold before much longer. :) I've been watching "Lie to Me" on Netflix while resting on the couch and took a nap a little earlier. I can't believe how much I've slept since last night! I went to bed around 9:30pm last night and didn't get up until around 8:30 and then napped for almost 2 hours this afternoon!! I've felt so tired since I got home, I think I'm finally able to just relax and catch up on my rest now that I'm home.

The girls have been so wiggly too since last night! I am feeling them a lot! Kicking and wiggling around. I wonder what position they'll be in by the time of the next ultrasound!

Speaking of - here are pics of Baby A and Baby B's faces from the ultrasound they did at the OB's office at 27w2d on Thursday before they sent me to the hospital.

They are too adorable for words!! :)


  1. Yay! I'm happy to know you're home safe and sound with the twins.

  2. Im so glad you got to go home! I didnt even realise you had this little hiccup! (I guess Ive been too preoccupied with delivering a baby and all lol) Glad everything looks great! Take it easy!!!!

  3. how wonderful! staying positive really helps :)


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