31w6d - Bedrest Day #33!

All is going well here on the homefront! Babies seem to be growing well and are active enough to keep me reassured. Yesterday Baby B had hiccups in the morning which were adorable - I sent Jenn a text to let her know and hopefully send her a smile too. :)

My belly is definitely getting bigger. I weigh in at home at least a couple times a week to make sure there haven't been any crazy jumps that might indicate fluid retention or something weird going on, just to keep an eye on it and have noticed the last 2 times I can't look straight down and see the number anymore, I have to bend forward to see over the belly to read the number! I am very curious to hear how many weeks we're measuring at our next OB appointment (which I think is 1 week from now if I remember right). Perinatologist check up on Thursday!! Yay! Can't wait to see the girls and see how my cervix is holding up. Fingers and toes crossed bedrest continues to do the trick and keep things the way they need to be!

I have been massaging Palmer's cocoa butter on my belly every night for the past few weeks and it seems to be helping, at least I haven't seen any new stretch marks and my skin doesn't feel super tight. I have had stretching pains underneath the skin layer recently though - near my belly button and on either side of it, it gets sore and tight like there is a baby rump or back pushing out and the muscle and whatever else is between them and the outside world says "OUCH" a little!! They are definitely stretching my belly out longer than it's ever been with any of my previous pregnancies - I noticed my belly button is an oval shape instead of round shape now!! :D

I was thinking last night about how much of a bath and body product lover I've become over the past few years! I didn't ever even use lotion many years ago, and now I have to have my Bath & BodyWorks or Victoria's Secret body wash for the shower, lotion for after shower and at bedtime, antibacterial foaming handwash for the sink and my other favorite brand and bath product is Lush Bath Bombs which are a fantastic treat for a soak in the tub!!

Right now I am using:
Bath and Bodyworks Cotton Blossom Shower Gel
Bath and BodyWorks Mistletoe Kiss Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap

Victoria's Secret Sheer Love Body Lotion

I love the body lotion the most of these ones I'm using right now - it has a great scent to it and it always feels very indulgent to rub some onto my arms and legs at night and fall asleep with my skin feeling moisturized and the subtle scent around me! Love it! :)

One other favorite beauty product I keep by my side all day every day (and in my bathroom drawer, and in my purse!) is the Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers! My favorite shade right now is the champagne because it's really light and doesn't add much color, but is a great quality lip balm with just a little bit of, well shimmer to it! :)

What's YOUR favorite bath and/or beauty product - do you have a particular brand/scent that you always use, do you like to try out different ones?


  1. I love B&BW too! I like their Sea Island Cotton, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Chocolate Amber (discontinued!) Twilight Woods, Moonlight Path and 1 more I'm forgetting, LOL! My sister is addicted to them!

  2. I'm an organic/chemical free girl so I can't speak for most of the products you mentioned. I DO love Burt's Bees stuff. My youngest begs for 'creamy!' (which means Burts Bees milk & honey baby lotion) at every diaper change. :)
    My favorite products are from Dr Bronners. I use those soaps in foamers at the sinks as well as in the showers. I use a homemade mix of healthy oils as a lotion on my growing belly.


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