30w2d ~ Perinatologist Ultrasound Appointment

Today is bedrest day #22 and our perinatologist appointment recheck! Things are going well still - the babies are absolutely adorable and are growing well. Both measured 30w1d and are estimated at 3lbs 4 oz each. The peri was very happy with how the girls looked. Their fluid levels are good and my cervix is measuring a 3 still which she was happy with. Jenn and I both noticed what looks like more deterioration at the top though, they're still happy with the total length, but it doesn't look like it's as closed as it was at the last ultrasound appointment. Dr. Mann had us get hooked up to the contraction monitor for 20 minutes to make sure the procardia is doing its job. The monitor showed everything is pretty calm and quiet so we're staying on the same care plan and rechek in 2 more weeks. I will need another refill on the procardia soon so I sent a note to the OB's office to ask them to call one in.

Here are a couple ultrasound images they got of the girls' faces! Aren't they cute!! :D It's apparentely getting crowded in there and was hard for the tech to get faces at all. We sort of begged for a 3-D image but the tech said she just couldn't get a shot... we wished she would have tried anyway! :)

So right now the goal the peri mentioned is 5 pound babies and 34 weeks - I think that's our "minimum" as well to get past; though we're all counting dow to 32 weeks first - 2 weeks at a time!! Hoping these girls stay put many more weeks! :) Our next appointment is with the OB on Monday, we'll see our regular OB Dr. Jo who we haven't seen since before all the cervix/PTL drama started so we'll see if she has anything new/different to say than the other OB and the midwife. We're not anticipating the OB will have any changes to the game plan for us, right now it just feels like an "extra" appointment to drive to every other week, but I know it's good to have both care providers looking out for us and these girls!! :)


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