29w3d - OB Appointment and Bedrest Day #16

I have had to double check the calendar the last few days, I keep worrying I don't really know what day it is!! But today was indeed Friday, and our OB appointment was scheduled for today - our 2 week post discharge from the hospital follow up.

Kent had to run around like a chicken with his head cut off to get out the door on time today because he left dishes from last night to be done this morning (not sure if he'll ever learn on that one - not a good idea on a school night - well not a good idea in general, but especially not on a school night!!) :D Once he was out the door I showered and got dressed in "real" clothes for the first time in a week and then headed out a little after 9am for our 10:30am appointment. I really do live far away... at least traffic is much better at that time of day then my normal commuting hour! I got there about 15 minutes early and Jenn arrived a few minutes after me. Peed in a cup, got weighed, had my BP checked and answered the normal questions. Vitals all look good still, so that was a good start!

The wait was fairly long in the "2nd waiting area" before they took us back to a room. The nurse who got us settled said the midwife would most likely want to do a cervical check since it had been 2 weeks and I've had some regular contractions even on the procardia so I got to wear the lovely paper gown from the waist down. :) We waited a little while and at least while we were waiting Jenn finally got to feel Baby B moving around being her wiggly self and saw Miss A give a good kick or two. Then the midwife came in and had an ultrasound machine with her! I think we were both excited, because Jenn can actually film the ones they do at the OB's office unlike the ones at the peri's office where they don't allow it... but the dang thing wouldn't boot up!! She tried for probably almost 10 minutes, and it would NOT come on... sigh... so instead she pulled out the trusty doppler and was able to find both girls very easily. Beautiful steady hearts beating away!

She did the cervical check next and the good news is no changes - still 1cm dilated and she said it felt long - she had to really "reach" to feel baby A's head... though I couldn't figure out why she was trying! I was laying there thinking "Quit digging around in there lady! If it's good, it's good - don't mess with it!!!" She reiterated drink, drink, drink lots and lots of water and call them if I get more than 6 contractions in 2 hours.

She measured my belly and at 29 1/2 weeks it is measuring 41 weeks! Holy Moly!! We talked for a little while longer and then got our check out paperwork and headed on out. We have an appointment already scheduled for the 23rd but may move it to later in the week since that's on a Monday and we have a Thursday appointment at the peri's the week before.

So I think things went as well as can be hoped for right now - my cervix seems to be doing just fine on bedrest and meds - I think the question is whether or not it will be ok without bedrest and meds or what the on-going game plan needs to be to keep these two baking many more weeks. :) I'm sure they are going to keep a close eye on us, whatever game plan gets decided on for the long term!

My back is getting sore again so looks like its time to put the laptop away and change positions!


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