The Kindness of Strangers!

People are amazing! I had posted a couple days ago on to see if anyone else knew of any restaurants that deliver to my city besides Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Dominoes and I did get a suggestion or two that might work but beyond that people started offering to bring me take out and then I got a couple offers to bring some homemade meals by! Oh my gosh!! It's been over 3 weeks now on bedrest and we've primarily been eating "freezer food" lately for dinner. Kent has fixed a few things from scratch but he's been more comfortable with the heat and eat dinners from Schwan's and frozen pizzas. We still had some lettuce left so we've been able to have salads a couple times for something fresh, but it's kind of felt like the same thing over and over lately. It's been hard for me because I love cooking so much and miss being able to fix good meals! For breakfast I can fix a quick couple eggs and some toast or a bagel and for lunch heat leftovers or fix a sandwich and be happy and only be up for a few minutes in the kitchen, but dinner is "the" meal of the day to enjoy something different, hearty, filling and satisfying and it's just been "fast and easy" lately.

In any event today a lovely woman offered to bring us a spaghetti dinner and brought two big tupperwares with pasta and a delicious spaghetti sauce, cheesy garlic breadsticks and homemade cheese danishes! It was so GOOD!! Kent and I were both so happy to have something homemade and filling and tasty tonight - such a nice change of pace and I am just blown away by how thoughtful a complete stranger was to us today!

So a big thank you out there to all who open their hearts and lend a helping hand to someone who needs it (and probably isn't good at asking for help)!


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