28 Week Belly Pictures and Bedrest Update

The days are blurring! I have to stop and remember what day of the week it is - today is Wednesday, two days until our ultrasound check and an update on what the game plan is. Things are going well (as far as I can tell! :) ) on bedrest at home. Today makes the 7th day of bedrest, but that honestly sort of shocks me when I stop and realize it'll have been a full week tomorrow! I went to the OB last Thursday and was sent to the hospital, was there through Saturday afternoon and have been on home bedrest now 3 1/2 days so far... it doesn't seem like that long already!

I spent the first couple days home watching most of Season 2 and 3 of Lie to Me on Netflix and then yesterday and today I've been catching up on the last season of "Biggest Loser" on Hulu. I have to tell you, I've never been quite so thankful we invested in a "big screen" TV a few years ago as I have been these last couple days! I have a good little set up on our comfy couch, with my laptop propped on a pillow on my knees, a big fuzzy blanket, my chihuahua is pretty much always curled up next to my leg or belly and I keep my water bottle between me and the back of the couch within easy reach. I keep a few odds and ends on the coffee table within reach - a box of granola bars, my hair brush, chapstick, lotion and cocoa butter, remote controls, phone and my meds!

The procardia seems to be doing it's job too - I've only had a few irritable uterus moments or probably Braxton Hicks where I feel some tightening across my abdomen, the rest of the time everything feels pretty calm! The girls have been good and wiggly the past few days and I've enjoyed watching and feeling them moving and wondering what they're doing in there! :) I just hope and pray my cervix is behaving itself as well!

My IV site from the hospital is actually feeling puffy and sore today which is sort of weird, I don't know if I bumped it or something in my sleep, but it feels tender and a little bruised still today.

Kent has been a great helper when he's home from school and I know he's had to do a lot more than "normal" and I'm having to sort of let go of a lot more than normal which has been a challenge for me! Jenn coordinated a housekeeper to come out but she won't be able to get here until this coming Saturday and as I lay here I see dust on the tables and the floor needing vacuuming and it makes me a little crazy!! :D I was feeling a bit grumpy about it yesterday, nothing specific, just the general need to "let go" and realizing how much I'm used to be able to just "do" something when I see it needing to be done - wiping off the counters in the kitchen, tidying up the clutter, putting away the Christmas boxes and I just have to let it be for now. And it's ok! My priority is of COURSE these girls and being the best patient I can be - following the doctor's orders as best as I can and making sure to keep these girls baking for many, many more weeks but these are just some of the things I haven't really had to think about before now!

On Sunday Kent took down the whole Christmas tree and decorations by himself, I helped from the couch - he brought ornaments to me and I pulled hooks off and wrapped the ornaments and then he took apart the whole tree and put all the boxes in the dining room for whenever I'm either able to help put them back in the attic or if we need to have someone else come help depending on how things go we can do that later! :) He moved the furniture back around all by himself too and I am so proud of him! Last night I walked him through cooking rice from the couch and he did that all by himself and did a great job. :) I ordered a couple "kid's cooking books" on half.com this past weekend which will hopefully be here soon. I told him about it last night and he looked excited! I think he likes having that freedom and responsibility and having a cookbook geared for him will provide easy to follow recipes and will give him good step by step instructions and we can read through them together. I hope they get here soon! :)

So here are a couple pics I snapped before going to bed last night - 28 weeks and counting down to 30! :)


  1. I'm sure "letting things go" is super hard, but you're doing a great job keeping those baby girls healthy! And I'll bet it makes Kent feel really good that he is taking care of his mama! :-) Hang in there! Looking forward to hearing good news after your appointment this week!


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