28w5d - Bedrest Day #11

Today is day 11 of bedrest and everything seems to be going well for us so far. I get about 5-6 contractions in a day that I notice and often feel some discomfort and pressure when I'm up for a bathroom break but other than that I feel fine and feel like all is well with the girls and the pregnancy. I am still dealing with a lot of head congestion that drives me crazy and has me going through what feels like half a box of tissues per day!

Yesterday was the first day of having the housekeeping service Jenn coordinated and although I felt extra lazy laying here on the couch watching my mindless TV I was also very grateful - I feel much less distracted when I look around and don't see a bunch of little things I could or should be doing because it's DONE now!

Kent helped clear up most of the little clutter before Ernestine came and now the only other thing I keep seeing from my couch vantage point is all the Christmas boxes piled up in the dining room - so that is my game plan for today - get Kent to finish packing up the Christmas items now that everything has been washed and grouped together so the rubbermaid bins can get put up and the dining room can be cleared out again!

Kent has been looking through the kid's cookbooks I ordered for him and having fun trying to figure out what to make - he fixed calzones the other night for dinner from a recipe and did a great job! Yesterday morning he made smoothies for breakfast that were great! Then last night he made spaghetti with meat sauce, peas and toast - yumm! He fixed some muffins and scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning. I've been craving muffins for days! I am definitely eating just fine even though I can't cook or bake. I miss it though, a lot...

I haven't been sleeping all that well the last three nights which is an extra big bummer after a few days of GOOD sleep. Not sure what it is again, I hit that 3:00-4:00 mark in the morning and am awake. I'll just lay there for hours most of the time, and sometimes maybe get an extra hour or so at some point but usually I just end up feeling tired the rest of the day. I did get 6 hours straight though, so maybe that's enough right now especially since I'm not expending much energy during the day! :)

So, now to play dictator from the couch again and get Christmas cleared up and put away! :)


  1. Kent is so awesome ... way to go making his mommy some yummy foods :-)

    Hope you get back to sleeping better.


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