30w5d ~ Bedrest Day #25

Today is Sunday - the days of the week completely start blurring for me lately! Tomorrow we have an early OB appointment at 8:45 - I'm going to have to play in normal rush hour traffic again! :)

Yesterday I had several more contractions than what I am saying is "normal" lately for me - I started timing in the mid afternoon and was only averaging one an hour but I definitely had more than 12 yesterday. So well below the threshold to be concerned, but I am definitely counting and paying attention!

Yesterday we had our housekeeping services again and it was nice to get some of the needed basics taken care of again, though it's hard for me to sit while someone else cleans my house and it's hard to let someone else do things "their" way and not keep thinking "that's not how I'd do it"! I'm not a perfectionist about my house by ANY means, I am a self-proclaimed "bad" housekeeper - I think things just jump out at me more because I have the time to see it all from my couch vantage point!

Today I need to get Kent to do some more laundry and wash the sheets and then hopefully I can just let him have the rest of the day to play and be a moody teenager. :) It's hard when I see things that need to be done and know I should just ask him to do it but I want to let him have his free time too and not completely burn him out or overwhelm him with all the household needs and "little things" that really add up!

I decided to try a Hulu Plus subscription out this week - we've been using PlayOn and streaming through the PS3 that way, but have had issues this week and I haven't been able to get PlayOn to run and Hulu Plus streams directly through the PS3, so I figured it was worth a shot! I'm catching up on Vampire Diaries but mainly have been watching a lot of Ugly Betty on Netflix this past week. I definitely tend to pick a series and watch it all the way through, then move on to something else. I kind of keep the TV shows on all the time, whether or not I'm paying attention to them. I have been realizing the thing I miss the most being on home bedrest is adult interraction. Since hubby is gone it's just me and Kent except for my once a week doctor appointments. The rest of the time the only person I interract with is my child and that is far from the same as having a conversation with another adult. I am thankful for SMO and Facebook, because at least I get a LITTLE bit of adult interraction through those outlets, even if it's not quite the same as in person - it's better than feeling completely isolated. :)

I think it's time for a shower and a good breakfast for me and the girls! We had Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon and fresh strawberries and bananas yesterday. That was SO good and really filling. I'm thinking maybe waffles and fried eggs today - or maybe eggs and half a bagel with cream cheese and the rest of the strawberries... yumm! :)


  1. You are doing so good Rebekah... hopefully the contractions will quiet back down for you. Eggs and fresh strawberries sound so good right now ... off to the kitchen ;-)

  2. You are such a champ Rebekah! You are such a blessing and a strong woman, you don't even know how much I admire you! Hang in there, you are doing amazing!! xoxo! Tonya


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