Transfer Day! Snuggle in little ones!

Today was transfer day! I can't believe it and cannot wait for the next week to fly by so we can start seeing double on the HPTs! :) It was another beautiful day and I've been feeling nothing but excitement and anticipation for today - lots of positive thoughts and energy!! We headed out just after 8am and stopped for gas and Chick Fil A breakfast and I started working on my 60 plus ounces of liquid to fill my bladder up. We made good time and got to the clinic at about 9:15. I took my 800mg of IBProfen and my valium and we headed on in! I refilled my cup with water and kept sipping on that while we checked in and I had my blood drawn. They sent us over to the OR next and quickly got us back to the changing room.

Wearing my "lucky transfer shirt" and ready to get into the stylish hospital gown! :)
Figuring out the hair net - HAHA! :D
All smiles and ready to go!
Lucky socks are on - check!
Jenn arrived and they made her wait in the first waiting room and I was already back in the transfer room on the table (in sub-zero temperatures it feels like back there!!) and Dr. Denis was ready to go. They brought me my phone and I shot her a text and she headed on over to meet us in the OR, got changed into scrubs and came on back! We got the update on the embryos - 2 great looking 3-dayers, both 8-celled, one grade 1 and one grade 2! We didn't hear how the other 2 did so we were assuming they didn't make it. They got everything in place and Dr. Denis said everything looked great and he had a good view. The embryologist loaded up the two embies and brought them in and Dr. Denis placed them. The image above shows where they deposited them and we all wished them well and sent lots of grow baby grow thoughts their way!!
 Me and Jenn on the way out - I look totally drugged up, I was feeling pretty loopy on the valium! We got home around 11:30 and I napped off and on until around 4pm. Got up for a little break from the bed then got set up with the laptop in bed and am catching up on old Grey's Anatomy episodes! :D

I hope the next week goes by quickly and cannot WAIT to hear if one or two of Jenn and Chad's little ones will be sticking around for the next 8+ months!!

Here is a link to all the well wishes I was thrilled to come home today on SMO - love all the ladies there; they are always there with a positive thought and great support!! <3


  1. Transfer day came fast it seems! Thinking ultra sticky thoughts for one or both of those little embies!! Hope you and Jenn have something to keep you occupied for the next 10ish days ;)

  2. I am also so excited to hear!!! Jenn is so cute, they are going to have beautiful babies!!

  3. YAY!! Sending all the sticky vibes in the world your way!

  4. Yay!! Best wishes to you all!

  5. Many sticky vibes going your way and I hope the next 2 wks go by fast :) Love the pics too!


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