10dp3dt Checking In!

We are now 10dp3dt and have less than 2 days to go until we get our first beta results and I am so ready to hear what the number will be! I have these estimates and guesses flying around in my head - but we shall see what the bloodwork shows!!

The test lines just keep getting darker and darker!
Answer Brand:

It's been a good and quick weekend - the days keep passing by relatively quickly which sometimes feels like a good thing but then sometimes I just wonder where the time has gone! Kent and I went to a birthday party yesterday for a one year old which was fun. It was nice to see a few family members that we don't usually see and then we had a pretty quiet evening at home. Kent got half of the yard mowed and I've been working on some filing that's piled up.

We worked a little on the guest room today and got some of the clutter cleared out. That poor room has become a catch-all and with my brother, niece and sister coming to visit in a week and a half I finally have a "deadline" to get in there and get it taken care of! It will be SO nice to have that room re-claimed and cleaned up. This afternoon I took Kent to see Harry Potter in 3-D and it was fun! We really enjoyed it!

I am now completely wiped though and think I'm going to get some water and kick my feet up for awhile and maybe watch some mindless TV or cat nap... or both... :)

I'm still feeling queasy, haven't thrown up yet, still have the weird taste in my mouth, the cramping/aching isn't all the time but now I feel really bloated a lot of the time instead.

40 more hours until our blood draw! :D

10dp3dt post from last pregnancy (including link to HPT pics so you can see how much darker they are this time!)


  1. How exciting!! Can't wait to hear the beta numbers!!

  2. Oh i can't wait to hear the first beta number!!!!!


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