Surrogacy Update - Lining Check!

Today was the much anticipated, dreamt of, and somewhat feared lining check!! I've been DYING to know what is going on in my uterus, being on meds 6 days longer than I was for our last cycle I was worrying and fretting a little over what would happen to my lining and just praying for it to hold up and look good enough and not have a bunch of fluid and the wrong lining pattern. All that worrying and bad dreams for nothing, it did JUST fine - actually pretty much a repeat of how it looked last time (and I had the same RE who did the scan too)! 9mm, trilameter and my ovaries are behaving for the most part. I did have one 13mm follicle on one side but the rest were quiet and my labwork shows everything is fine so we're moving forward!!

Progesterone starts on Monday, July 4th and transfer will be on Thursday the 7th!!!! ACCCCKKK!!! I feel like I need to pinch myself. I feel SO lucky that everything has gone smoothly TWO CYCLES IN A ROW!! I feel like it is a SUPER good luck sign for us, and Jen and Chad's sweet embabies will get to start their thaw on July 4th! So they will be little firecrackers who will hopefully stick around for the next 8+ months! :D I'm in awe, slightly in shock and SOOO EXCITED for next Thursday's transfer! I can't wait to hear how the embabies look on transfer day and am praying for at least 2 strong ones! Fingers and toes will be crossed.

My neck is so sore today - I had a different physical therapist last night than I usually get and she did a lot more manipulation of the actual vertebrae and that whole area of my neck is super sore and painful today. I want some ice, a muscle relaxer and a bed!

Kenneth had his conference call today to confirm all of the coordination details for his new job, offer letter has been signed and returned, he has his medical clearance certificate and an overview of what to expect during training so I think we're in good shape and ready tot go! I cannot believe he leaves in just NINE days! The time is going to fly between this Holiday weekend and then transfer next week, we'll be taking him to the airport before we know it. Lots of adjustment coming up - and hopefully part of that adjustment will include a pregnancy! :D So many exciting things coming up! :)

Hopefully lots more great updates to come in the next few weeks!


  1. WOOOOHOOOO!!! AWESOME NEWS! You are such a freakin ROCK STAR!!

  2. Wow!! How exciting, it is coming up! Great job lining! lol.


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