8dp3dt - Digi says...!

Last night we got the digi to come up positive! It didn't come up when I checked on 6 days past transfer, so I waited 'til yesterday evening to try again and sure enough - there it was! Yay!! Lines continue to get darker on the HPTs as well, I am going to just test in the mornings and not AM/PM from here on out since our lines are so good - plus then I can drink all day and not have to worry about my drinking and peeing schedule! :D

I had another restless night last night and am very tired today. Food sounds icky... we had TGIF at work so breakfast was brought in and all the fruit I tried tasted off, not sure if it was me or it actually wasn't good but everyone else seemed to be eating it fine. There were bagel sandwiches and every bite brought on a wave of nausea. No actual puking yet, and I don't know if this will just be another one of those constantly queasy morning sicknesses (all-day-sickness!) or if I'll actually get to the point of tossing some cookies... We shall see! I am starting to get hungry again and nothing sounds even remotely good... going to try my peanut butter banana roll-up I brought to work and see if that stays down ok... fingers crossed! :)

Still have the taste in the back of my mouth along with the watery mouth, tiredness, queasiness and more cramping/achiness today. So all pretty much the same the past few days! I did get woken up a couple hours after falling asleep with my first leg cramp in a long while. Time to re-start the calcium and potassium supplements in addition to the prenatals!

Looking forward to another quiet evening at home and having the weekend to take it easy. We have a birthday party tomorrow and then we're probably going to the pool with Kenneth's grandmother on Sunday or maybe I'll just take Kent by myself. Some sun, a little picnic and water sound nice!

Just four more long days until beta!


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