5dp3dt - Tuesday Check In!

We're now entering the "a positive could show up any day now" zone and I'm excited and anxious and SOOO hopeful for good news in the next few days!

I've been "practicing" on the cheapie dipstick tests I ordered online - because practice makes perfect! :D

All day yesterday the watery mouth and general uneasiness/queasiness continued along with a new thing of a weird metallic-esque/nasty taste in my mouth that is continuing today along with my tongue feeling thick almost numb in the very center making food taste weird. Lots of dull aches yesterday down low and some more this am - no sharp twinges or anything like that, just the dull achy sensations. When I laid down to go to sleep my mouth kept watering so much it was keeping me awake for awhile - it's still going this morning. A tiny bit of breast tenderness this morning which I hadn't noticed before and I think that's about it for "signs/symptoms" at the moment... fingers crossed these are all good signs!

Still feeling pretty good about this cycle, definitely very hopeful and ready to start seeing double on the HPTs in the next couple days!

Jenn and I texted a little yesterday and she told me the embies have been given the nickname of "chadifer" (combining her and Chad's names) which I LOVED!! I hope chadifer is nice and comfy and snuggled in right now!! :)


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