One More Sleep 'Til Transfer!

I now have the One More Sleep 'Til Christmas‬‏ song from a Muppet's Christmas Carol running through my head - but that's ok because tomorrow feels like Christmas in July!! I am SO excited for our transfer day! I was in a giddy happy mood all last night - Kenneth requested I come home in the same mood tonight! :D Though he then added that I probably won't because I "always" get nervous the night before transfer - I told my uterus to ignore him, no stage fright for us - all positive vibes all the way! We are GETTING PREGNANT tomorrow!! :) I can't wait to see Jen tomorrow and hear how the embryos did with the thaw and how many made it! Praying for two strong little ones to put back!

I am hoping to hold off until at least the evening of 5dp3dt (next Tuesday) to start testing this time and coming off a failed transfer not too long ago I'm thinking it won't be as hard to resist the urge to POAS. We shall see. That is why I bought a bunch of cheapie tests before though - so if I cave and know it's too early I don't waste a bunch of money on the "good" tests when it's too soon! :)

Such a crazy couple days ahead of us - it is going to be next week in a blink of an eye!! Leave the house probably around 9:30am tomorrow, head to Atlanta, transfer then back home and I'll probably be resting through Friday and "ordering" the boys around from the couch or something to get ready for Saturday's party! Run out Saturday AM for any last minute party needs, food prep all Saturday morning (and Kenneth's parents are coming over early to help with a few household things and party cleaning/prep), then party starting at 4:30 pm and running through whenever the last person leaves. It's the first day of drill for most of Kenneth's friends so if any of them are still feeling up to going out after they're dismissed they would probably be over fairly late. We'll have plenty of food, and the fire pit and s'mores and we'll pull the kiddy pool out too for anyone who wants to put their feet in or cool off. I need to double check the weather but I think it's supposed to be toasty this weekend!

Today Kenneth is getting his haircut and dropping off all his shirts and slacks for pressing and then will start packing up and he has a 3:50 flight if I remember right on Sunday so we'll probably leave the house around 1pm to get him to the airport and I'm sure Sunday morning will fly by with all the last minute "stuff" to do before he leaves. Before I know it, it's going to be Monday the 11th and I'll be wondering where in the world the weekend went and I'll already be 4 days past transfer and almost ready to see that POSITIVE HPT! :)


  1. Can't wait, your time is gonna fly by!! Best of luck tomorrow!!

  2. yay! So exciting for you! Best of luck hun:)

  3. Almost here! Sticky thoughts!

  4. YAY! Very exciting! Good Luck :)

  5. Sending sticky vibes your way!! Thinking about you! :)


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