Tellus Museum Visit!

Today was another busy and fun day with my family! We had a great time and got to visit Tellus Museum for the first time (Kent's been there a couple times before, but he still had a good time!) :)

 Me playing astronaut!
 Kent acting like the teeth behind us might just come alive any second!
 Alligator chomp?
 Yeah, loooooong neck!!
Kent, the petrified astronaut!! :D

I had a great time, am completely wiped out but really had fun and am very glad we went. Since my family has been here I've been feeling pretty good pregnancy wise, but today was the first day I've felt kind of icky again. Not sure if it's because I'm tired from staying up extra late last night or just being pregnant catching up with me - but I was queasy off and on all day and really had a hard time keeping my sandwich at lunch down followed by nothing sounding good then being starving! :) Only about 3 1/2 more days 'til the ultrasound and I can't wait to see what we will see! :)

Tonight I got to take my sister to the local BBQ joint and she got to try out some good southern cooking, tomorrow we're going to have another busy day but start it off right with some pampering for our feet followed by some pool time then a visit to Perimeter area to see a book store Kylie wanted to visit and dinner at my very favorite veggie restaurant Cafe Sunflower! We've been trying to find places to eat that are vegan friendly (Jake is vegan) that still offer something for anyone who wants to eat meat too and it's proved a little challenging, but I think overall everyone has stayed full and happy so it's all good! Off to bed for a good night of sleep!


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