3dp3dt - Sunday

The past few days have quite literally flown by...! I can't believe it's Sunday and transfer was Thursday... the days have been full and passed quickly. I pretty much stayed in bed or on the couch the rest of Thursday (especially after the valium knocking me out most of the afternoon! :D ) and on Friday we went grocery shopping in the late afternoon and came home and the rest of the time I kept my feet up and took it easy. Those two days passed relatively quietly and I have been wondering, hoping and praying that Jenn and Chad's 2 little embryos are thriving and growing! I've had queasiness, little appetite, and lots of different sensations in my uterus - from twinges to a sort of pulsing feeling or fluttery feeling. I know I've had most if not all of these same feelings before so I'm not reading into them, but we'll just see which ones continue and get stronger as the days go by!! I haven't started testing yet! I always start about this day and it's just ridiculously early and always disappointing to see the negatives even when you expect them. Hoping to hold out 'til Tuesday still - we'll see how long my will power lasts!!

Kenneth's going away party was yesterday and it was a full and busy day for sure! Kenneth's parent's arrived a little after 10am and Kenneth and his dad worked from about 10:30 - 4:00 on replacing our threshold to the deck; it had rotted out and water was getting in the house when it rained! They did an awesome job and I know it was a LOT of work and I'm so thankful to have handy guys to make repairs like that when the house needs it! Kenneth has learned a lot from his dad when it comes to repairs and he does a LOT around the house when he's home and I appreciate that and know I'll miss it while he's gone! :)

So there was lots of tidying up and cutting up fresh fruit and veggies and getting as much ready as possible for our guests throughout the morning and afternoon. Kent was a HUGE help and did the steam mopping and moving chairs and ran around fetching things whenever someone needed something.

Around 4:30 Kenneth's grandparents and friend arrived and we had 9 total, so not a big get together but good sized for our home! We had chips, veggies and a big fruit platter for everyone to munch on and I grilled brats and burgers around 5 and we had a nice dinner with everyone and a little while later started up the fire pit outside and circled around the outside chairs for everyone to make a s'more if they wanted before heading out. It was a very nice evening with everyone and I'm glad everyone was able to come over and help send Kenneth off - this is a big event in our life, a big change and I wanted Kenneth to know that we all recognize all he's accomplished and come through to get to this point and are so proud of him!

I'm fixing one last breakfast for him now, biscuits and gravy are ready to go! He's pretty much finished up packing and we'll head out to the airport around noon for his 3pm flight (I thought it was 4, but apparently I was off by an hour)! So we have about 3 hours to spend together and then send off time!


  1. Safe travels to your sweet hubby Rebekah!

  2. Thank you!! Just heard from him a little while ago that he arrived safely in KC and was at the hotel... yay!! :D


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