4w6d - 10 days to go!

The ultrasound seems like it's a bazillion years from now... that's what 10 days equates to when you're SOOO EXCITED for something... like Christmas, or a big birthday party, or an upcoming vacation... every day before it seems to drag and the days remaining loom ahead making your destination seem sooooo farrrr away!!!!!! However, it is just 10 days... or so I keep telling myself. Jenn and I chatted last night about ultrasound plans and just catch up and everytime we talk I am so much MORE excited for them and for this pregnancy - it is going to be an absolute honor and joy to get to be a part of this team and get to witness all the planning and excitement and anticipation as each day brings us that much closer to the ultimate goal of reuniting Jenn and Chad with their baby(ies?!)... still after all these years of being a part of surrogacy, it never ceases to just blow my mind with how incredibly special it is to just play a role, to get to be a part of something that is truly a miracle, to feel like both a spectator as I get to watch my IPs plan, prepare and be excited for their little one as they grow, and also a participant as I do my best to nurture and grow their little one and hopefully provide a cozy and comfortable environment that they will grow and thrive in so that on the day they are born they are strong and healthy and ready to meet their parents... It gives me chill bumps and brings happy tears to my eyes every time I think about it!

Tomorrow is our final beta at 19 days past our 3-day transfer, we'll be 5 weeks pregnant (only 35-ish more to go! Yippee! :D ) and I'm hoping for something in the 6,000 range or close to it... we shall see!! The farther out you get with betas, the more of a gap there is between singleton and twin numbers so I am VERY curious to see where this one will fall.

These are the ones from the Master Beta Thread that I'll be comparing to!!


SINGLETON: 577, 590, 692, 778, 1313, 1567, 1591, 1702, 2111, 2263, 2438, 2500, 2606, 2980, 3887, 7038
TWINS: 5597, 6000, 6501, 7666, 7870, 8239, 9402, 12245, 19847
TRIPS: 3304
QUADS: 39524

My brother, sister and niece will be here tomorrow evening and then I get the whole next week of to be with them and I am thinking the days will probably fly by a little faster with family visiting so hopefully that means next time I stop to look at a calendar ultrasound day will be HERE! :)


  1. COME ON ultrasound day!!! I am super excited to see how many you have baking in there!! Have fun with your family!! :)

  2. Excited to hear your 19 day beta!!


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