4w1d - the "Beta Gremlin"

I was searching this morning to see if there was an IVF beta chart somewhere to compliment the one I've put together on SMO from surro's who've shared their info. I didn't find one, but did find this site:


And cracked up when I saw this:

 Everything you're about to read about betas will make the subject as clear as mud. Beta hCG measurements should be viewed only as guidelines and estimates, and cannot be compared between one woman and another. Low numbers can be normal, high numbers can be normal, and perfectly normal numbers can fool everyone. Betas are like gremlins. You'd rather not have to deal with them and they totally wreck your life while they're around ... yet you want to know as much about them as possible.

I love it!! The beta gremlin is currently visiting us, but will hopefully be on their way back out the door by the first week of August around when we anticipate having our first ultrasound! :) Repeat beta tomorrow at 14dp3dt (or 4w2d pregnant!!) and that may be the final beta and then depending on Jenn and Chad's schedules we'll get the u/s scheduled! Yippee!! :)

Also, side note, how I'm feeling today! Really tired (though I absolutely slept like a LOG last night!), I'm hungry but nothing sounds even remotely good to eat and every now and then I get hit with pretty strong nausea/queasiness waves. Occasional cramps, but not too much today. Still have the weird taste and kind of numb tongue or thick tongue sensation going on which is weird! I think that's about it - I still feel good, just tired and my appetite seems to be having mood swings lately! :D I am very much considering a long lazy bath this evening and pretty much nothing else... :) I ordered pizza last night for dinner because again nothing sounded good and I wasn't even sure I wanted to eat but Kent asked for pizza - so at least I know Kent will have the leftovers to eat for dinner if I decide to take a bath and go to bed early tonight. Who knows, maybe I'll get an afternoon energy rush? If so, maybe I'll be adventurous and cook tonight... but probably not...! :)


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