Rotts N Pups - Introducing Macy!!

Meet 7 month old adorably cute Miss Macy!

We are absolutely thrilled to be fostering for Rotts N Pups again! Make sure to check out their website and browse through the many sweet dogs and puppies needing homes and ready for adoption now (including Macy)!

She is an absolute doll - a little shy, a little spunky, super sweet and definitely a little mischievous! She has a couple bad habits that we're going to see if we can help her work on (she likes to pop up and check out good smelling things on counters and tables and she's a little mouthy even though she's VERY gentle)! Her and Sadie have already taken to playing and it's absolutely adorable. I think Sadie was missing the four boxer puppies that went to their new homes last Saturday and she's happy to have a "new" puppy she can chew on and wrestle with! Macy seems pretty happy to have a "play pal" too - though she also seems a tad intimidated by Sadie's size every now and then.

We are very happy to be able to give her a home until she finds her forever home and is ready to head out to meet her new family. She absolutely adores Kent and I hope wherever she ends up she has a child to play with and grow up with, because she obviously LOVES children!!


  1. She would be a lucky girl to get to spend some travel time with y'all! :)


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