What a NIGHT!!

Came home, fixed dinner, watched a couple shows; same old same old. Was thinking about changing to get ready for working out at 8:00 and Kent asked if he could get a popsicle from the downstairs chest freezer for dessert - I said sure. He comes up and says "Mom they're all melted!" WHAT??!

I think I muttered an expletive under my breath and ran down to see what was going on... Yep, all melted... and everything else was thawing and the chest freezer was definitely not working... CRAP. I don't know how to fix appliance issues, I am good at a lot of things like normal household "stuff" including cooking, cleaning and other assorted "womanly duties", but repairs and minor crises are not my specialty (though apparently, I will LEARN whether I want to or not). I called my father in law and told him what happened and he said we could bring our frozen stuff to their house if we needed to, and that he could help pick a new one up on Thursday. In the mean time Kent and I started scrambling to get everything sorted into "HAS to be frozen" "can be refrigerated" "can thaw out". I ran upstairs and started pulling stuff out of the refrigerator to re-organize and Kent started trekking everything up for me. I got most of it squished into the fridge/freezer but had about one small coolers worth of frozen food that wasn't going to fit. So, then I ran over to the neighbors and apologetically ask if I could borrow a corner of their freezer, that the house had turned on me in Kenneth's absence and my food was melting all over my kitchen. They found me a spot for the odds and ends I couldn't fit and then I just cleaned up the mess that was left from wrappers, and discarded boxes and melted ice on the floor. About this time my father in law calls again and says I should check the outlet to see if its working, if not I will have to find the outlet that has the little button to reset them all and see if that fixes it (yes, that IS the technical term). So off I go my "test" hair dryer in hand, secretly hoping it will work because then I can buy something to fix the problem and I won't have to dig around all over the house for this mysterious outlet with the button... crap, the hair dryer doesn't come on, it is the outlet... sigh... at this point I decided to whine and fuss a little and call my husband and tell him its ALL his fault for not being home. If he was here he'd know what to do, and I suck at this.

I left him a message and then got busy baking the pie that had defrosted and using up some of the other items that wouldn't fit back into the fridge and freezer for goodies I can take to work tomorrow. Kenneth called back and in that "tone" that says "I love you, but babe you are ridiculous" he walked me through the entire basement telling me where each of the outlets were (like I'd ever have been able to find them all on my own, ha!) and eventually, magically there it was!! The little button!! And it was red... I pushed it in, the red went away and suddenly things were working again! Hooray!! No staying up 'til midnight to bake banana bread with my bag of no-longer-very-frozen bananas that were defrosting all over the sink, no more despair over not being able to do anything without him home... Yay!! I did it! (Ok, with a lot of help, but still I did it!!)

Another crisis corrected (I think I posted about the one where the door knob came apart right as I was trying to leave for work the last time Kenneth was gone)... and now I have a jam-packed fridge and freezer that will have to be moved again tomorrow, but for now I am happy that things are pretty much back to the way they were about 3 hours ago!!

And that was my night...!


  1. Glad you fixed it you superwoman you! My internet is back up, so I am off to update my blog


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