Testing is DONE!!

Mini-party time! :) I feel like "Phase 1" is now complete - all of the testing is done! I had the saline sono, labs and cultures done this AM and everything went fine. I didn't even feel the saline go in this time, so no cramps or anything which is great! I still vividly remember the very first one I had and how surprised I was at how uncomfortable, but every one I've had since then has been easier and easier. She said I had a "very pretty uterus" and that everything looked good but Dr. Kort still needs to go over all the pictures from the ultrasound and also the endo biopsy slides which aren't back yet (sounds like they got delayed due to the Holiday).

I spoke to L this AM and we caught up a little, sounds like they're pretty much done with everything they can do for the moment (legal stuff turned in, provera finished, and my IF has his 2nd testing appointment today or tomorrow). We're in good shape! I expect to hear from Ruth soon and get my input on the contracts and go from there. It sounds like the plan is most likely to start lupron on the 21st day after my next period - its possible they would start it on the 21st day of this cycle but that is on the 18th and gives us little time to finish everything. I am totally fine either way, I'm just happy that overall things continue to move forward smoothly. Part of me is still waiting for that "nope, this isn't going to happen" moment but I continue to trust that each step we take forward is for a reason, and we're going to make this happen and soon! :)

Kenneth has now been gone just over 2 weeks though it honestly feels like a LOT longer than that. I miss him a lot. He sends me quick e-mails when he can, but we've only talked on the phone a couple times since his schedule is so hectic right now. I am hoping he'll decide its a good idea for me to come up for one weekend while they're still in AL, but I know the good-byes are the hardest part so it may be easier to stay apart for now.

The 4th of July weekend was FUN! Kent and I had Friday off from daycare and work, so we hung out and went to see the new Transformers movie together which was fun and on Saturday AM we met up with Vicki and Johnny and headed out to Lake Wedowee to spend the morning at her parent's place. We took ATVs to a nearby small waterfall where the kids splashed and slid down the rock and I enjoyed some sunbathing. It was really nice, and it was awesome to spend some time with Vicki again, we've been in touch via IM but this was the first time we've gotten together in person in awhile (though this month we have quite a few get togethers planned which I'm looking forward to)! :) They had 2 other parties to go to, and stopped by our place on their way home and we set off some fireworks we'd picked up in Alabama on the way back from the Lake. They were beautiful, but poor Johnny was SO tired by that point, so we made it quick. Kent and I stayed up a little later after they left and enjoyed the small bonfire I'd started and toasted some marshmallows.

I am doing better with the Weight Watcher's program - learning how to make the most of my points and also learning that I can't really eat the "bonus points" they allow if I actually want to loose weight still. So I'm sticking to my daily target and have done well not going over, I have been incorporating so much more fresh fruit and veggies into our diet, and can't imagine eating any other way now. I make a salad almost every night now where before I didn't usually want to put that much effort into my vegetables. I am also eating a few more carbs now then I thought I could, but I'm still loosing - I'm just picking smarter (the 1 point sandwich thins, bagels and english muffins are pretty much all I buy lately).

I was worried last week that I wasn't going to come out of my "slump" with my weight not dropping and not feeling in the mood to exercise, but I feel much better after the long weekend, sticking to it and starting my workouts again last night. I was exhausted and slept great!

I have been so into reading the Twilight series, I am sure there is something wrong with me, but I'm embracing it. I'm on the 4th book for the 2nd time in less than a month. I just love the story, and love getting to "escape" a little every night! I think after reading them through twice now I am finally over my initial "craze" and can hopefully now get to sleep without the NEED to read "just a little longer" and maybe I won't be so tired once I'm back into a good sleep routine! It hasn't been too bad, but I've definitely been staying up later than I should and I know it.

I just scheduled our 5 year re-treat appointment with our exterminator and cannot BELIEVE we've been in our house that long already... we've owned our 1st home for 5 years now... that is crazy!! I am proud of all we've accomplished in that time, and still love our little home very much.

Well this post was a little all over the place, but that's what I get for waiting so long to update again! :)


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