Weekend in Review

Friday evening Kent and I went over to the subdivision behind our house and did 3 laps around one of the roads that is a big circle, they're about 10 minute laps and I jogged some of it but mostly walked because Kent was having a hard time keeping up! We took Brutus for that walk, and he was very good on the leash and I'm sure enjoyed getting out and having some new things to smell. He's such a homebody, he hardly ever wants to go outside so I figured it would be good for him too! We didn't do much else Friday evening. I can't even remember what all we did that night besides walking, our weekend was so crazy!

Saturday was the most crazy day. Seemed like it should have been normal enough... we had a vet appointment in the morning for Diamond, her annual check up. While I was sitting in the patient room waiting for them to bring her back after weighing her and taking a blood and stool sample for annual testing I got a phone call from someone saying "Do you have a dog named Max? We have him!" WHAT??! I started panicking wondering WHAT happened, HOW did he get out, and where were the other 2 that were in the back yard with him! They finished Diamonds appointment, and off we rushed to meet the people who had Max (who were in the same neighborhood we'd walked around the night before, and I actually recognized the guy who'd been out working in his yard while we were walking!) We thanked them and they asked if I was missing a rottweiler too, that they'd seen one walking around. I thought CRAP that must be Sadie out too - we drove around a little but didn't see anything so we took Max and Diamond home and low and behold Sadie and L.B. were still in the backy yard. It is a miracle they didn't see what Max had done, they both could have easily gotten out. Max figured out how to open one of the gates... The rotten stinker. The latch on that one is pretty loose and easy to move, and its right at snout level for him and I guess he stuck his head under it, shoved, and up it went, he let himself right out of the yard. I was so upset, if he'd done it once he'd obviously keep doing it. He spent most of the afternoon in the house, and I let them out for a potty break and turned my back for not even 5 minutes and bam - out the gate they went AGAIN, except this time he took Diamond and L.B. with him, who had all gone out together. ARGH! Kent and I grabbed leashes and found them quickly, this time they'd gone down the hill in front of the house to visit a neighbors poodle. Now I was just mad. I knew this was going to get worse if I didn't figure out how to lock that gate and really I knew then I wasn't going to probably EVER feel comfortable leaving Max alone in the yard anymore. He is obviously bound and determined to get out. So, I zip tied the gate together so even if the latch came up it couldn't open. Max stayed in the house with L.B. and Brutus when Kent and I ran out to see the Harry Potter movie (which I really enjoyed)! We've been watching him everytime he goes out and anytime he goes to the gate I let him know I can see him and tell him no. It's not deterring him though, he wants to get out so bad!

So Sunday Kent and I went to the pool at Honey's - we packed a lunch and took a change of clothes (I was hoping to pop over to the mall afterwards). But after being there an hour and a half, swimming awhile, eating our lunch and playing catch in the pool I was sitting reading my book listening to my ipod and something landed in my hair, I brushed it off and when I leaned back again I got stung. Crap. It wasn't too bad - it was a little bee, but still not a happy way to end my afternoon and it was on my sunburn that I'd gotten laying out on the deck the day before so I don't think that helped the pain factor. Thankfully, Honey was at her house so we drove over there and she checked and didn't see a stinger in, but put some baking soda and vinegar paste over it to help draw out the poison. I left that on all day, and its not bugging me today which is good. Kent wasn't feeling up to walking last night, after his day at the pool, but I went ahead and took Max for a half hour walk jog around the subdivision again. He is going to be an indoor dog now, I really don't know what else to do. I know many people leave their dogs inside all day but ours really WANT to be outside. Especially Max and Diamond, they RUSH to the door and give me the "hurry up and open the door" look all the time, even when we're home and just hanging out - they just like to be out where they can run around and chase each other and smell interesting things. But I just can't risk him being out there... if he got out during the day while no one was home... it would just KILL me if something happened to him because I wasn't cautious enough to keep him in. I know he's going to mope and be upset about it, but he will be safe. They all sleep inside at night and the two little dogs are indoor when we're gone during the day, so he'll have company and hopefully won't mind getting to lay on his pillow during the day when we're away too much.

That was our weekend, dogs causing lots of anxiety, some good exercise, lots of fresh air, a bee sting and a sun burn!


  1. wow glad your dogs are all safe! Your weekend was alot more interesting than mine...i sat around gaining 7 lbs...grr


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