All Testing Is Good!

I was very happy to get that much anticipated phone call from Stacy at RBA yesterday confirming that finally all the tests were done, results were back and everything was good! Yay! :) Medically, we're cleared to cycle. It was nice to check in with L yesterday and give her the good news that everything with RBA is in place, and now we just wait for periods (both of ours). I still haven't ovulated this month, though it should be VERY soon, so my period won't be here for another almost 3 weeks; once that shows up I'll find out what day I start lupron and be put in a holding pattern while they work with L and the protocol they've worked up for her.

I still haven't seen a 2nd draft of the contract, so I sent an e-mail this morning along with a question about whether or not the Power of Attorney might help us out in terms of signing for Kenneth since he's not easily accessible right now with training. I'm hoping maybe I will see a new draft by the end of the week, but I'm not holding my breath! :)

I got my labwork results back from my primary care doctor too, the one I went to on Monday (that was REALLY fast for results too, I was surprised; she must have rushed the order)! Everything is fine. I've had some random bruising appear mainly on my legs, but got a new one on my hip and then inner arm last week and decided I needed to at least have some labwork done to make sure it wasn't anything potentially serious because I couldn't think of any reason for the bruises. My counts are all normal, no thyroid issues, no hepatitis, etc. My red counts were a little low but not anemic so I'm just supposed to stay on the prenatals with iron and have a re-draw in 3 months to compare. I was glad it isn't anything serious, not that I expected it would be - I just feel like ESPECIALLY with a surrogacy coming up it is on me to be very vigilant about my health and not start cycling unless I am sure I very healthy. It was cool because I mentioned the surrogacy to my NCP who I usually see when I'm there (she asked about why I was on prenatals) and she was very supportive and thought it was a great thing to be a part of. I'm always pleased when I get good feedback from my medical care providers about surrogacy especially since I know of many who have had negative reactions from their doctors or nurses.

Kent and I went for a walk together last night around the subdivision behind us... I think he whined through half of it... I swear!! His legs hurt, his legs hurt, oh and his legs hurt... you'd think I was torturing him! I wasn't even trying to walk fast at all - my shins were still feeling it, so I just kept a pretty slow pace and though I knew I wasn't really burning many calories it is good just to get out and do it, and its good for Kent and the dogs to get out too. I had Diamond last night. She is NOT good on a leash, she is our spazzy dog - though by the last loop around I could finally leave slack in the leash without her straining at the end of it, so that was good for both of us!

We had Mexican last night (leftovers) and tonight is some more leftovers - I have some of the pork kebobs and ribs left so I am sure Kent will pick the ribs and I will have the pork probably with some fresh steamed spinach and corn on the cob. They both sound good, and Kent won't eat spinach so I know I have to make something else for him!

Kenneth gets to come home for 4 days next week! I can't WAIT to see him! I'm curious how its going to go with meals though, I have a feeling I'm going to have to make him something extra then what I make myself normally. I've pretty much cut out carbs as the 3rd item on the plate and we usually just have a meat and a veggie, but Kenneth loves his carbs and he can get away with eating them! I'll probably just have to fix something those couple nights for him and leave it off my plate. Maybe it'll give me an excuse to use up some of the pasta and rice boxes in the pantry, and some of the biscuits in the freezer - I don't need the extra temptation anyway! :) I requested next Wednesday through Friday off so we get 4 whole days to just hang out and be together! I am sure he's going to do literally NOTHING the first 2 days, just resting and recovering, but we'll get a couple days to be together when he hopefully has some energy back before he has to leave again. I'm hoping we can go do something fun together before he leaves again. Maybe go-karts or something like that. :)


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